Our Team

David Webster is the fourth generation of Webster’s Butcher.

Jonathon Clark is the third generation owner of Clarks Bakery.

Clarks Bakery is a major Dundee success story and employer and is an indigenous, Dundee born and bred company, that employs 100 local people. The Butcher The Baker uses this success as both the foundation and catalyst for its formation. We pride ourselves on our Dundee heritage that is now in the third generation of family ownership and management.

When the concept of The Butcher The Baker was conceived, Alan Clark’s philosophy of believing in people and only choosing the best to help him drive his businesses was something that he was not prepared to compromise.

After all, his passion and his teams have been the foundation of his business success over decades, so why change the tried and tested formula.

The team at The Butcher The Baker is the powerhouse of our business. With Alan’s passion, which has been the inspiration to his son Jonathan, the team was born. David Webster, the third generation of a well-known Dundee butcher’s family who, with his entrepreneurial skills, was the next addition and a corner stone of the project.

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